PI Malpica, 50016 Zaragoza
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Mission, Vision, Goals

Our vission

To meet the needs of society to protect iron-manufactured materials against corrosion.

Our vision

To be leaders in the sector, performing our activity with the lowest possible cost to society while basing our management on essential values such as Ethics, Transparency, Sustainable Development, Integration and Non-Discrimination.


Certified Integrated Management System that guarantees the quality of our products, an environment-friendly policy, the protection of our employees and continuous improvement.


To achieve full satisfaction of both internal and external customers, based on the knowledge of their needs and expectations. This is achieved through the quality of our products and services, our respect for the environment in our activities and the high level of protection against the occupational hazards of our employees while also developing their professional promotion and promoting equal opportunities.
To meet and even surpass current legislation in environmental issues and occupational hazard prevention, along with applicable Quality Standards, the requirements and specifications of our customers and of any other party concerned.
To perform our work according to this General Policy, our Code of Conduct and our Specific Protocols, guaranteeing transparency, good faith and confidentiality in all our activities. To obtain information through ethical methods and avoid conflicts of interest with any party concerned.
To regularly assess the impact of our installations and products on the environment, to analyse the occupational hazards inherent to our production activity and any deviations observed in the quality of the components supplied to our customers, all within our constant approach of continuous improvement.
To define Goals and Targets to improve the quality of our products, preventing pollution and optimizing the consumption of natural resources. Our aim is also to reduce the number of work-related accidents and incidents.
To promote training, information, awareness and continuous motivation at all levels of our organization in matters of quality, environment and occupational hazard prevention in order to involve all the staff in the development of continuous improvement, which is expressed in the Policy of GALVASA Management.
The GALVASA Management publishes this General Policy, and undertakes to disseminate it among all its staff, customers and suppliers. It is available to all parties concerned.
The aim of the GALVASA General Policy is to achieve the maximum competitiveness of the company within our sector and to become leader in all our activities.
The company has the human and material resources necessary to develop and meet this General Policy.